Teaching People in Syntropic Farming is a Privilege and a Joy

07. March 2024
by Ursula “Uzzy” Arztmann

A group of people planting trees during a Syntropic Farming field training in Germany, in March 2024
Syntropic farming field training participants, setting up a system in Germany

Teaching people in syntropic farming is a privilege and a joy – especially when you are lucky to do it on the warmest and sunniest of weekends of this year!

So we began March with the highlight of a training program that started last October and brought 30 people from all over Europe and beyond to a little village in Germany.

What was special about it?

  • We listened to you and changed the classical 5 day workshop on site into a format of 5 evening classes in fall and a practical weekend in spring. This way the workshop was less of an investment time-wise, cheaper and at the same time richer in content.
  • The (German) online sessions were enriched with additional content and could be watched whenever.
  • We created many printout and digital templates for you to do better designs and analyze your environment and market more swiftly.
  • With the distribution of theory in fall and practical in early spring, we were able to collect seeds, do a design and order planting material, so that the new systems of the participants could be planted within the same planting season.

That’s way better impact and a deeper learning journey. This was also feedback received by a happy and hard working group of participants.

All of this would not have been possible without the fruitful partnership with relavisio / Urs Mauk and Laurenz von Glahn – thank you all for your support, energy, and experience!

See you next time!