Recent project activities

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Activity: Participation and creation of an idea concept for a seed-based tree row establishment machine for efficient reforestation, hedge planting, and silvopastoral systems. Consulting on Syntropic principles for the development and testing of a new strip seeding machine for small grains. Support of the creation of a 3D Syntropic System
in VR.

Activity: Training of Werragut staff, design and consulting for implementation of a Syntropic Farming system. Workshop on site with farmers.

Activity: Midwifing the living lab on syntropic systems at Gut&Bösel, bringing staff and knowledge together, three months onsite support for team organization and planning market integration of produce.

Activity: Collaboration with WUR (Wageningen University) in the creation of a functional framework für syntropic agroforestry. Coaching students in their thesis work about the topic and enabling research on farms in Brazil. Collaboration on database development for species used in Syntropic Farming.

Activity: Site visit and consultancy for the remediation/restoration of a sand mine using syntropic farming. Design of a productive, regenerative fruit system. Training of staff in managing/pruning. Workshop on the principles of syntropic farming.

Activity: Short introduction of Syntropic Farming to Cocoa Farmers from Trinidad. Visiting cocoa estates and working out strategies for regenerative, syntropic production of TSH and Criollo Cocoa. Designing a reference Cocoa System at WaSamaki Farm.

Activity: Consulting, planning, design and set up of Syntropic Test plots within 21 hectares of Montado system in state of entropy. Developing of the foundation for a reMontado Living Lab on the Iberian Peninsula.

Activity: Regenerative Business Consulting for a local CSA.

Activity: Co-founding and co-creation of a Regenerative Living Lab (Milano Porta Verde), Co-Design lead for the set up of a remediation Regenerative Agroforestry system on over eight hectares of land. Over 20.000 trees planted. Build up of a city forest community. Co-creation of street festival for tree adoptions. Workshop on syntropic farming during Milano Climate Week. Ongoing collaboration.

Activity: Consulting for the development of a Theory of Change in the area of food and agriculture.

Activity: Development and implementation of the co-design process in the Tuetera project with Soulfood Forestfarm Hub Italia.

Activity: Collaboration for the creation of a children’s book mini-series about Syntropy. Consulting and implementation of a syntropic school garden. Co-development of a hyper-glocal education nucleus in the rural Ribatejo Region with an integrative primary
school as an entry point.

Activity: We conducted and published two online courses in German language on Topics: Introduction to Syntropic Farming and Farming together with Insects.

Activity: Production and publishing of a series of 25 articles about Syntropic Farming entitled 25 #SyntropicFarmingFAQs to raise awareness about the framework and its potential to regenerate biodiversity, create livelihoods and provide healthy food
produced in harmony with nature.

Activity: Harvesting the on the ground experiences and learnings from the creation of a Living Lab in Italy, we consolidated the “how to” into our regional Deep Dive Process. With the support of Famtastisch Stiftung we were able to describe the entry points, the community visioning process and the core work of collaborating with ecosystems and farmers to create “islands of wellbeing” regionally.

Activity: Supporting Harmonergy Foundation and their local implementation staff with Syntropic Farming Knowledge, Strategy and Fundraising for the creation of a lighthouse project to teach the landuse approach to agricultural students and young farmers.

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