Recelio Joins Brainforest 7-Week Venture Program

05. November 2023

Kick-Off Meeting of the Brainforest Regenerative Food Forest Venture Program

We are excited to announce that recelio has been invited to participate in the Brainforest 7-Week Venture Program.

We see this as a unique opportunity to expand our horizons and work alongside like-minded innovators who share our commitment to regeneration and our vision for a more resilient future, some of whom also share our passion for Syntropic Farming.

Our participation in the program will allow us to further our goals and to continue working on launching the recelio Marketplace – our platform to enable financing, managing, and monitoring the transition to regenerative land-use systems. 

More info about the Brainforest Food Forest Lab:

Regenerative Food Forests
Food forests are a sustainable agroforestry system that can provide food, fuel, and other resources while preserving biodiversity and ecosystem services.
Forests tackle climate, biodiversity, and food crises at the same time, contribute to 27% of climate action by 2030, and are home to 80% of terrestrial biodiversity.
This lab’s focus is on the creation of market-driven solutions that generate revenue from nuts, fruits, and other non-timber forest products for local forest communities.
Brainforest’s Innovation Lab for Regenerative Food Forests has been launched in partnership with the Minerva Foundation, with the goal of creating market-driven solutions that empower local communities to increase the value of the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) they produce.


We extend our deepest gratitude to the Brainforest panel for recognizing the potential of the recelio Marketplace and are very happy to embark on this journey 🙂

Let’s make farm biodiversity investable!