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Farms at Risk, Supply Chains in Jeopardy

Biodiversity Loss: The Hidden Threat to Global Business

Industrial farming practices have put our lands in jeopardy, presenting not just an environmental concern but a direct business challenge.

The limited crop variety amplifies risks from “pests” to erratic weather, leading to unstable supplies that disrupt industries, from cocoa to textiles.

Yet, every challenge carries an opportunity.

The recelio marketplace serves as the vital link between innovative farming and businesses in search of stability.

Investing in our vision isn’t just a smart move – it’s essential.

Together, we’re poised to transform agriculture’s challenges into global triumphs.

Monoculture, no Biodiversity

Regulatory Readiness: A Competitive Edge

Staying Ahead in a Rapidly Changing Regulatory Landscape


In today’s dynamic business environment, regulatory compliance isn’t just a necessity – it’s a competitive advantage. 

With the introduction of frameworks like the Global Biodiversity Framework 2030 and the EU Anti-Deforestation Law, industries are under pressure to adapt swiftly. 

Non-compliance risks reputation damage, market loss, and hefty penalties.

Yet, in this evolving landscape lies a chance for forward-thinking businesses. 

recelio positions businesses at the forefront of this regulatory shift. 

We offer a clear path to not just meet, but exceed these new standards

From Fragile Farms to Flourishing Fields

recelio Marketplace: Bridging Biodiversity and Business

The recelio marketplace redefines the intersection of farming and commerce. 

We advocate for Syntropic Farming, promoting diverse crops and eco-friendly practices that fortify farms against environmental challenges.

This ensures businesses a consistent supply of premium produce

The result? 

Farmers gain essential capital and regenerative tools, businesses enjoy dependable supplies, and investors access a pioneering, nature-positive asset.

Regenerative Agroforestry

From Vision to Verified Impact

Real Farms, Real Change, Verified Outcomes


We started with a vision, but today, our results echo louder than words. 

Through our living lab in Italy, we’ve transformed hectares of land, introducing Syntropic Agroforestry systems. 

Our collaborations, like the lighthouse projects in Germany and Mozambique, stand testament to our commitment and capability.

But it’s not just about numbers. It’s the stories behind them. 

The local communities rejuvenated, the businesses that now boast of a stable supply, and the ecosystems that thrive. 

With the recelio marketplace, we’re amplifying this positive ripple.

Grounded in Purpose, Designed to Thrive

Diverse Revenue Streams: Powering Our Vision and Viability

At recelio, we’re dedicated to transforming farming landscapes and bolstering local and global food and raw-material supplies. Our financial strategy is designed for resilience and sustainable growth.

Key Revenue Streams:

  • Sales Fees: The recelio marketplace is more than a platform. Every token transaction not only promotes biodiversity but also contributes to our growth.
  • Royalties: With each token resale, we generate ongoing revenue, ensuring our mission and marketplace thrive together.
  • Service Fees: We capitalize on our extensive expertise, offering consultancy and training services that provide a consistent revenue stream.
  • Subscription Fees: Our premium dashboards, packed with analytics and insights, are available via subscriptions, further strengthening our financial base.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborative ventures with like-minded organizations open up new avenues for revenue.
  • Grants & Sponsorships: Our innovative stance on regenerative agriculture  attracts grants and sponsorships, enhancing our financial position.
Loqi (a young female farmer) with a spade and a bucket in her hands

Meet the team

Catalysts for a Regenerative Future

Uzzy Arztmann

Uzzy Arztmann


Christian Fu Mueller

Christian Fu Müller


Ben Kimura-Gross

Ben Kimura-Gross

Business Strategy and Investor Relations

Reto Hubli

Reto Hubli

Vice-President and Treasurer

Bruno Damas

Bruno Damas

Head of IT

Steven Werner

Steven Werner

Regenerative Agroforestry Technician

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